Lightscape Creations Data Policy

Last Revised: 19th March 2021

The Data Policy forms the basis of use of this website along with the Terms & Conditions and the User Agreement at the bottom of the page. By using this website and ordering any Products or Services you agree that:

  • you have reviewed and understood this Agreement,
  • you are happy to be bound by it,
  • you are confident about the way your personal information might be used. 

Any questions, please ask.

Artist, Data Controller and Seller
Isabelle McInally is Lightscape Creations’ Artist, Seller and Data Controller for products and services not available directly from the website. 
Email[email protected]

Address: Kynballoch Cottage, Bonnington Road, Lower Drimmie, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, UK.

Data Privacy

The services available from this website require a minimum of personal data to be collected and/or processed. Without this data these services would not be available to you. It is on a voluntary basis with some activities requiring you to opt-in.

The information collected depends on the service used and may include your name, billing address, email address, password, telephone number, credit card information, time, location and IP address of logins, order history, account creation date, email subscriptions (email campaigns with opt-out possible, order-related emails and personal communication from the Photographer) as well as statistical information (Browser, operating system, device information, etc). This personal data collection is kept to a minimum and strictly for the specific purpose it is collected for.

By using this website you expressly consent to this and to the use of your personal data to fulfil the activity you are requesting.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Your Personal Data is kept indefinitely or until you request its deletion, at the exception of correspondence which is kept only for the duration of your enquiry/request/complaint.


The website is hosted by GDPR compliant Zenfolio, based in California, USA, who is Privacy Shield Certified. On behalf of Lightscape Creations, they capture, process and store on their USA servers all the data required when opening an account or placing an order. Client Accounts are not compulsory, but can be used to store your billing and shipping information in order to expedite future purchases; they can save your shopping cart and your favourites for reference later; and they can share favourites with friends, family and Lightscape Creations. When you place a Direct Order online, you authorise Zenfolio to use the data and process it, share your payment details with their financial institutions and forward your order details, including delivery information, to One Vision Imaging, based in Coventry, England, UK, the professional printer who fulfils your orders. Loxley Colour, based in Cumbernauld, Scotland, UK, might be used for products not directly available from the website. The links will direct you to their privacy policy. Some relevant correspondence will be sent to you, such as, notification of receipt of order, status of orders, any other transaction-related correspondence and replies to enquiries you initiated. Although you can cancel these kind of correspondence by email to [email protected], you may still receive transaction-related communications where deemed in your interest.

Contact Form

The Contact Form is operated by Zenfolio who automatically forward your entire message to Isabelle McInally's mailbox, without saving it.

The mailbox is provided by GDPR compliant Google. Emails are likely to be stored on the nearest server to us and their location can be found on the Google Data Centre list. Isabelle McInally accesses and administers the password protected mailbox. Emails are not downloaded or saved anywhere, neither are your contact details. They are kept for the duration of a query, until such query is satisfied, then these emails are deleted permanently, as soon as possible within 30 working days, unless GDPR requires a different action. If that was to happen, you would be notified. Correspondence that concern issues we are not able to solve will be forwarded to Zenfolio with your approval.


The website uses Cookies. You will see a message at the top of the home page screen advising you that "This site uses cookies. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies" with a link to "Learn More" where you will be able to find out about our Cookie Policy. You can also find out more about COOKIES in general there. In short, Google Analytics is used to collect tracking information about visitors on the website, such as your unique ID assigned by Analytics to your device, how the user came to this site (browser search, paid advert, link from a website...), the number of unique visitors overtime, whether they used a computer or a mobile device, their general location (it usually is shown as your nearest server; for me it is Dundee in Scotland), the time and length of their visits, which pages/images were accessed, time spent on each page, etc. These are standard, general information collected by the majority of websites on the internet. It allows us to understand trends, optimise the website to improve your user experience and create better marketing content.

Your rights under GDPR

Zenfolio is the data controller for Direct Orders available from the website and Client Accounts.
Contact: [email protected]

Under GDPR, you have the Right To See the personal data we hold from you, get it rectified or deleted. If you wish to do so, please contact Isabelle McInally in the first instance. When a request is sent to Zenfolio directly, it might be handled by them or forwarded to Isabelle McInally. The request will be handled within the time periods required by the applicable law. We are confident that you will appreciate that in order to protect your privacy and security, steps may be taken to verify your ID before taking action. A fee may apply as allowed by applicable law.

In the case of Data Deletion, you should note that if you have placed orders before, any Order Information will remain part of the financial history and as long as necessary for tax purpose, however any Personal Data will be deleted from them.

IMPORTANT: Your Responsibility

  • If you have an account your are responsible for maintaining your own personal data as it will be used with your next purchase: change of name, new address, new email, new credit card detail, etc.

Data Breaches

In your interest and in the unlikely event of a Data Breach, all clients who have accounts and/or have ordered products in the past, but not deleted their personal data, will be notified by Isabelle McInally, using the email address on record.