Vision, Mission and The Why - Lightscape creations

My Vision

Art goes beyond photography. In photography, you either like or not a photograph, responding to an embedded message, the story. It is an instant process which usually requires little thoughts. Art is the opposite. You may love it or hate it, but you will look at it, process it, discover it, enquire it, question it, come back to it.

All forms of art, including in photography, speak directly to our subconscious and trigger responses, some more complex than others. Hope, love, happiness, laughter, a desire for more are some of the most powerful positive responses locked in long lost memories, dreams and desires or just a personal reaction to light and colours. Positive feelings are healing yet Art can also confront what we believe in and challenge our understanding.

Nature inspires me. Beyond the visual chaos and the constant fight against the elements and our influence, is a compelling story of love, harmony, co-operation, determination and renewal.

Art and nature together become a powerful healing potion in which to find ourselves again and restore our natural disposition for peace and positivity.

My Mission

Derived from my own experiences and vision, using classical photography combined with in-camera techniques and post-production mastery and inspired by my love of art, nature and Scotland, I strive to create unusual art images, evocative, uplifting, invigorating, soothing and healing, that stimulate thoughts, stir emotions, challenge concepts, defy understanding & tickle curiosity. I want them to inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Playing with movement, colours and textures, I create and transform traditional photographs into abstracts with a touch of ethereal, impressionism or surrealism. The journey of visual and emotional discoveries you are about to embark on will in time lead you back to yourself and when it does, my mission will have been a success.

Why Did I Move Into Fine Art Photography?

I crave beauty, harmony, pleasure, knowledge, excitement, creative freedom, peace and healing. I get all that with nature and photography, especially when I let my artistic creativity take over, free from traditional photographic boundaries.

It gives me hope, makes me happy, gets me going, no matter how bad a day can get, it pulls me through my illness and strengthens me to recovery.

It is a healing energy I want to share with you and the conduit of a voice I want to be heard.

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