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EC0001 - Stonehaven Harbour at Sunset, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

July 2009 - It was late that Summer day. I was strolling the Stonehaven harbour, taking in the damp, salt ladden breeze coming from the sea. Everyone else seemed to be at The Ship Inn, the white building to the left with all the lights, and outside it. The evening was mild and beautifully serene with occasional loud bursts of voices and laughs topping the distant hubbub.

Then, as I watched the sea, as quickly as someone switch on a light, everything turned a warmer shade of orange. Turning round, I was met with this stunning, blinding sunset where the clouds bounce the golden rays back onto Earth.

Stonehaven HarbourSunsetAberdeenshireScotlandJuly2009SummerThe Ship InnLow Tide