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CA0003 - Glenshee in Summer, looking North, Perthshire, Scotland

July 2012 - Living right next to Glenshee means that I can go there wherever I want and I like spending time there whenever I can. The South is gentle. The North is wilder and more dramatic. The light can be really stunning and this is one of these moments.

Taken in the late evening, in July 2012, just before the sun goes hiding behind the hills, the light is soft and gentle, shadows are long. It feels so peaceful, nearly as if time has paused...

The glen once was the home of Clan MacThomas who still gather here every three years at a location just off the photograph and called the Cockstane. Next gathering: 2017.

These are the last forests till Braemar and for those who are familiar with the glen, if you follow the road, the group of trees on its right on the last bend harbours the Glenshee Pottery and Visitor Centre. Straining your eyes, you will get a snippet of Dalnaglar Castle, in the trees, bang in the middle.

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