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CA0054 - Gleann Beag in Winter, Glenshee, Perthshire, Scotland

March 2008 - The weather keeps changing very quickly in Glenshee and this often leads to some incredible photographic opportunities for those who can wait, like this dramatic view of Gleann Beag in Winter at mid-day.

I was on my way to Braemar. The sky was heavy and dark, threatening to unleash its waters. I stopped at my favourite viewpoint, looking at how the warm yellows of the grass and the browns of the heather contrasted with the snow-capped hills. It was blowing gales and clouds were moving very quickly. Something was telling me to wait here, and I did. Soon enough, I was rewarded with an opening in the cloud cover and a lovely light bathing the valley. To the left in the background is Spittal of Glenshee.

Gleann BeagGlensheeSpittal of GlensheePerthshireScotlandMarch2008WinterSnow