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CA0019 - Snow on Dalmunzie House Hotel Estate, Spittal of Glenshee, Perthshire, Scotland

February 2010 - In Winter, it can be so harsh and lasting. I need to check it now, since the hotel has changed managers, but when it snowed over the Dalmunzie House Estate, the access roads were usually not cleared and snow would be compressed into a thick sheet of ice, which would last for days on, from use by the guests and staff.

The first time I tried to access the hotel, I was completely unaware the access road would be in that state. Not used to driving on ice and without proper tyres, the car kept on trying to jump out into the landscape, an experience, as you can see, I have not forgotten.

Inevitably, it makes me wonder how people were able to survive in their small crofts, how harsh life must have been for them and the animals...

Dalmunzie House Hotel EstateGlensheeSpittal of GlensheePerthshireScotlandFebruary2010SnowWinter