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CA0002 - Spittal of Glenshee Kirk in Winter, Perthshire, Highlands Scotland

March 2008 - A lovely Highland Kirk (church) set in a wild and barren Northern part of Glenshee. Here is its story...

In order to facilitate conversion to the Catholic faith, churches in Scotland were built on or close to sacred Pagan locations. Spittal of Glenshee Kirk was no exception. It was known as the Glenshee Chapel of Ease, built on "Dun Shith", the hill of the fairies, next to the standing stone erected for Pagan rituals (on the small hill beyond the church) and, later, used as the gathering place by Clan Chiefs to discuss Clan matters.

In 1829, the church was to be re-built some distance further down the glen. However, the workman woke each morning to find the foundations dispersed and tools scattered.

After several unsuccessful attempts and much discussion with the locals, it was decided not to antagonise the fairites further and to build the now known Auld Spittal Kirk where it had always been.

Beautiful place with magical light, here seen in the late afternoon light of March 2008, as the sun is about to hide for the night, letting its shadow slowly climb the Glen slopes and shroud everything in darkness.

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