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CA0015 - Glenshee Bridge, Spittal of Glenshee, Glenshee, Perthshire, Scotland

March 2008 - In the 18th Century, the Scottish Jacobites tried to overthrow the House of Hanover to restore the House of Stuart to the British Throne. A notorious battle was fought on 16th April 1746 at Culloden, a barren moor near Inverness, where the English massacred some 2000 Jacobites.

To stop the conflict and squash any further rebellion, the English decided they needed to be able to move their troops quickly through the Highlands. The Glenshee bridge was built in 1749, at the cost of £40, under the supervision of Major Caulfeild, and as part of the military road building programme conceived by General Wade, which runs from Coupar Angus to Fort George, Ardesier Point near Inverness.

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