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CA0048 - Dalmunzie House Hotel, Golf Course and Gleann Taitneach, Glenshee, Perthshire, Scotland

October 2008 - One of my favourite and most successful photograph of Dalmunzie, both in colour and in black and white. It shows the Golf course and Gleann Taitneach in the background, although the perspective has been compressed by the long lens I was using.

I had been walking on the Southern hill path when emerging the first forest was a stunning view of the estate, towards Gleann Taitneach. I took quite a few photographs that day, when it was sunnier, however I wanted one that was more at the level.

Walking down the heather hill in soggy grounds, I reached the fence at the bottom. I was hoping I would be able to reach Dalmunzie that way, without having to walk back up but it was not to happen. I chose this angle, putting myself on top of a small heap of grass where I knew I would not sink for the time of the photograph. I love the hills in the background, how they look bare and eroded. They make me think of the lunar landscape.

Dalmunzie House HotelAutumnGlensheePerthshireScotlandLate AfternoonOctober2008