Blairgowrie Area - Lightscape creations
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CC0004 - Daffodils Field and Bishophall Farm, Kinclaven, Perthshire, Scotland

May 2016 - After being tipped by a friend who visited Bluebell fields that the daffodils were in bloom, I wanted to capture the beauty of the field. I waited for a sunny afternoon to turn up so that the daffodils would metamorphose into into mini suns and brighten the whole landscape with their dazzling yellow colours.

When I arrived, I was met with a scene of chaos. Million of heads covering most of the landscape. I just needed a focus point, an island where to rest the eyes in the sea of yellow. Bishophall Farm was perfect. HDR processing was used to reduce contrast.

Daffodils FieldBishophall FarmKinclavenPerthshireScotlandMay2016HDR Photography