Blairgowrie Area - Lightscape creations
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CC0007 - Autumn in Banff, near Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

October 2016 - It was such a lovely day, reasonably warm. The light in Autumn is so attractive, warmer and denser. Clouds had been forming in the last hour, drapping the landscape with shaded patches, and humidity was high in the air, veiling lightly the landscape. It was late afternoon and I was heading back home via the single track road which goes through Banff, when my eyes caught the tree line in the background.

I liked the uneven row, but it was the farming scene which won me over, the hay rolls, the sheep and the tractor. The light was beautiful, backlighting everything, turning all in a kind of mild silhouette and transforming this otherwise common scene into an extraordinary sight.

AutumnBanffBlairgowriePerthshireScotlandOctober2016Late AfternoonFarming Scene