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CB0004 - Late Evening Winter Light on Loch Rannoch (2), Perthshire, Scotland

Photographing Scotland throughout the day, in all weathers, by all seasons, I aim to capture the identity of the country and take you on a journey of discovery to some of the most beautiful Scottish locations, at some of their most beautiful times.

Breathtaking wildness, fast changing weather and stunning sceneries, yet the Scottish landscapes still bear traces of a long gone life, a reminder of the Highlanders' and Lowlanders' stark past. Every stone, every wall, every loch, Glen and heather twig is haunted by legends and shadows from Scotland's dark, blood-stained history which has scarred the land and displaced its people through the ages.  Today, the tranquil waters of the many lochs peacefully mirror the landscape and a nation united behind the flower, the standard and the colourful tartans.

Yet, in the midst of modern Scotland's busy, fast-paced lives, it's easy to forget to pause and appreciate the healing powers of the beauty, the colours, the buoyant life and the cycles the ancestors knew so well, respected and celebrated.

Due to its particular weather conditions greatly influenced by  its position and its island status, Scotland has one of the most beautiful light I have ever seen.

There are particular conditions I love...

💙 when the sky gets broody, shrouded in dark grey clouds while the sun becomes intense and warm, beautifully intensifying the colours;

💙 and when the wind races cummulus clouds across the sky, occasionally breaking the cover to throw an ephemeral spotlight which drifts across the scene, singling out elements and transforming the location;

💙 and when the sun sets or rises with a magnificent palette of warm tones, occasionally borded with dabs of pure gold;

💙 and when the sun comes back after rain, the air clean of dust particles and the landscape sparkling with billions of tiny stars.

No wonder Scotland is the land of legends and myths and, if you look carefully and long enough, you might see a will-o'-the-wisp in the marshes, a kelpie emerging from a loch or a sith (pronounced "shee", meaning fairy) in the glens.

I am truly passionate about Scotland as you are about to find out...

Each of my photographs is a window on a detail of this beautiful country, through my loving eye and each of my photograph has a beautiful story to tell.

Look at them carefully, observe the details captured. Beyond the historical scars you will find a story of love, respect, clanmanship, friendship and fraternity.

🔷 The strongly rooted love each Scots folks have and express for their country, whether they live in or outside Scotland.

🔷 The legacy of generations of hunters-gatherers, crofters and farmers which show a deep understanding and respect for the land and the beliefs carried down through time via legends and myths that still survive these days.

🔷 The clanmanship which came to an abrupt halt in the 1800s but has endured and evolved, still strong today.

🔷 The friendship and fraternity the Scottish people display through the enduring Highland Gatherings and the warm welcome of Scotland's people, food, attractions and sceneries.

To display my photographs is to celebrate and share this emotional and inspiring blend of love, respect, clanmanship, friendship and fraternity, unique in the world, story by story, detail by detail, through my own vision.

Whether you are Scottish, looking to find your way back to yourself, or not Scottish but, like me, in love with this stunning country, I give you here the opportunity to bring it into your lives because I want to inspire you to inspire others.

For that purpose, I am putting together some fantastic products which, like my landscapes, are 100% Scottish. Modern, yet classic, they are the perfect complement to any interior and will be available from January 2018.

Once available, I will highly recommend that you inspect and familiarise yourself with my Products and the Product Purchase Process before you wander through the galleries, just in case. But, right now, you can start your journey below. Choose your first destination and explore the spectacular Scottish landscapes I have photographed and put together for you to enjoy anew or again.

I hope you will enjoy your experience.

BW0004 - Amulree and Strathbraan Church in black and White, Amulree, Perthshire, Scotland

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