Inspirations - Lightscape creations


Located in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, I am just 10 miles away from the Scottish Highlands and 15 miles away from the business cities of Perth and Dundee. Every time I roam the area, and beyond, I can't help being wowed by the variety and beauty of the landscapes.

The photographs you are about to see have been captured in all weathers, by all seasons, whatever cought my eye and inspired me at the time, years after years.

There are some of the most beautiful Scottish locations, at some of their most beautiful times and, amongst them, the most humble locations and tiny details that go unnoticed until the right light lifts them out of the landcape.

Each of my photographs is a unique window with a unique story about this country I love so much. They also are the starting point for my Fine Art. These locations are where I find my inspiration and photographic material. The colours are authentic, captured in specific conditions. The rest is pure imagination, humour, creativity and Photoshop skills.

These are the real scenes behind my Fine Art.



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