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Perthshire Commercial Photographer

based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland.


Professional Image

Property Photography: Interior Design of Hotels

Interior Design

Property Photography: Interior Design of Luxury Holiday Rentals

Product: Lingerie

Product Photography: Lingerie #21

Product: Food

Events Photography: Guests Portraits

Product: Flowers

Product Photography: Bridal Bouquet - White Gerbera and Thistle

Product: Fashion

Product Photography: Clothing for Advertising  #2

Digital Artistry

Digital Artistry: African-Scottish Safaris

Stock Commissions

Assets Photography: Windfarm - "British Electricity"

Group Shots

Events Photography: Official Group Portraits

Business Events

Events Photography: Guests Portraits

Sporting Events

Sporting Events Photography: Horse Trials #53

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Clan MacThomas Magazine - Front Cover 2014

Head Shots

Headshot of Joyce McQuilken, Life coach, Start Here

Business Assets

Assets Photography: Bird of Prey

Photo Restoration

Properties In & Out

Property Photography: Interior Design of Castles

The commercial photography, graphic design, digital artistry and photo restoration you want

Consultancy on marketing, web design and photography for a great professional image.

Whether you need:

🌩  A professional image for your business?

🌩  Upgrading the game with professional photographs to promote professionality?

🌩  Photographs that delivers the right message at the right time to increase leads?

🌩  Photographs to match your revamped business image?

🌩  New or refurbished premises to promote?

🌩  A set of special images to sell your property or promote it for rentals?

🌩  A photographic inventory for your insurance?

🌩  New assets to shout about?

🌩  Showcase your products in an album, a book or a brochure?

🌩  Restoration of some old business photographs from your unique designs or your business' historical background to show your clients?

🌩 Commissioned stock photographs for something more personalised?

🌩  Digital artistry or graphic design for something truly unique?

🌩  Your latest products to market?

🌩  Bespoke calendars / diaries or postcards to treat your clients or to promote your local area?

🌩  New staff head shots or group shots or renewing your existing staff photographs to make them identifyable to your clients and promote openness and trust?

🌩  An event or a sporting event to cover for marketing?

🕒 My professional Commercial Photography solutions will help you solve all of these issues and perhaps more!

Unobstrusive as much as possible, I focus on your needs and the location. I have a unique style which is creative, natural, contemporary yet homey and use my flair, instinct, eye for details and technical know-how to convey your message and share your emotions.

Product Photography: Wedding Table Arrangement on location

Not yet?  Don't worry, here is my Guarantee to you:

✔️ As long as your Commercial Photography requirements do not change, the price quoted IS the price you pay.

✔️ As a professional Perthshire Commercial Photographer, I pride myself in understanding and delivering accurately your requirements. I closely work with you, using my experience and my artistic flair to capture the commercial photography you are after and convey your message.  However, in the exceptional circumstance you would genuinely not be entirely satisfied with my commercial photography, I would offer you the choice between a re-shoot / re-work at no extra cost or a full refund.

✔️ And, of course, there is 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

Product Photography: Highlander Targe - "Dressed to Kill"

As a professional Perthshire commercial photographer, the way I work is pretty straight forward.

Entering the Commercial Photography Agreement

Prior to the Commercial Photography Shoot

Finishing your Commercial Photographs

Delivering your Commercial Photographs

First you need to book your free, no-obligation commercial photography appointment with me.

I come to you and we discuss your requirements and ideas; it gives me the opportunity to see any location you would like used for the commercial photography.

Based on this, I send you an invoice with details of the work to be undertaken. If you are happy with the information provided and the projected price, you simply need to send me an email to confirm.

Once confirmed, I'll contact you for a suitable date and time.

Two days before the commercial photography shoot, or as agreed, I will forward any specifics that need to be met on the day, especially if the commercial photography is planned at your premises.

These will include:

>>  the times I will be on site,
>>  anything or anyone that needs to be ready by the time I arrive,
>>  and to let know any staff and clients concerned about my presence. 

On the day, I take your commercial photography as planned.

Once the photographs have been taken, I post-process them for viewing and put them into your personal gallery before sending you the link.

When you follow the link, you will given the opportunity to create an account, which will facilitate the process and any future ones although this is not compulsory.

Each photograph will have a unique number. You select the photographs you like best and tell me if you need anything else done to them.

If you want something related to the finish, like more contrast or sharpness, or related to what was agreed, it will be done free of charge.

If you have requested changes to your commercial photographs that is not part of the initial agreement, I will send you a new invoice with the additional and final costs.

Once agreed, the photographs are finished and posted on your commercial photography gallery for final approval. Once given, I will make the gallery downloadable and you will be able to pay your invoice.

Unless otherwise specified on your invoice, the photographs are yours to do whatever you want with them and I reserve the right to use them for my portfolio and marketing, in any number, any way and any medium I require without the need for your approval.

Here is a sample of my commercial photography portfolio for your perusal.

You may click on any photograph to view them in the Lightbox.

You should know that the commercial photography portfolio below is an apetiser, a subset of my actual commercial photography portfolio.
 The photographs are displayed in their smallest size so that the page is faster to load.

However, if you are interested in my commercial photography and would like to view my complete Portfolio as large high resolution photographs,
then simply click on the button below and send for the link.

Fife, Angus, Perthshire Commercial Photographer, Portfolio Sample


Lightscape Creations - Perthshire Commercial Photographer

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