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Hello, I am Isabelle McInally, the enthusiastic, adaptable and customer-focused director, creative artist & photographer of Lightscape Creations, which I created in 2006.

Passionate about photography and Scotland, I specialise in Commercial and Events Photography, which includes landscapes, and in 2017, my focus has turned more on the tourism, property sales and rental industry. 2018 will see the business expand into the supersize wall print market.

Beside this, I am always interested in all kind of photography contract and commission opportunities, especially those which could potentially lead to long-term ventures.

I will even consider the stability and security of a full-time or part-time position which, ideally, would enable me to work alongside the business on a variety of projects using the range of skills I have developed and follow a career path within a collaborative and energetic team environment.

Having worked with prominent Scottish businesses and charities, such as historical venues, Clan Societies, luxury holiday rental accommodations and lodges, my main motivation is to help Scottish businesses promote themselves and Scotland effectively and by doing so, also become embassadors for Scotland and the Scottish tourism. I was recently awarded an Associate Membership by the Clan MacThomas Society.

I believe that each business has a role to play and the bespoke, free photography and marketing consultancy I have provided to sole-trader clients so far can help you do that.

To supplement this, 2018 will see the launch of my Scottish Landscapes Blank Walls Solutions for homes and businesses which will include supersized Wall Products, Prints, Stock photographs, Cards, Calendars and more.

As an Events photographer, I have successfully completed many assignments at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries in luxury hotel venues, seminars, school-run events, business events, Highland Games and clan gatherings. I am particularly fond of events with a Scottish theme.

My signature style uses natural light and surroundings to complement any subjects. I love finding unusual, unique details most people would miss and capture the enthralling facets of the Scottish identity.

My work has been published in a variety of well-established publications, including Clan Society magazines, distributed worldwide and mainly in Great Britain, Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada; "The Field", which is the world's oldest country and field sports magazine, and "The Highlander", a Scottish/American community periodical.

Lightscape Creations is about anything touched by light from Landscapes to people, Commercial to Events, hence the generic name of "Lightscape". Yet, it is also a journey of exploration of the new frontiers brought by digital technology and Digital Artistry, therefore "Creations".

Based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, I cover primarily Tayside (Perthshire, Angus & Dundee) and Fife, although services are available throughout Scotland.

What makes Lightscape Creations so special?

... to businesses?

If you are committed to quality, to your business and to your clients, then your business is "my business".

When I work for you, I am "part of your business", "part of your team" and, like your team, I care about everything you care about, which is connected to my work.

I care about -

🔹 Your image as much as I care about mine.

🔹 What your clients think of the marketing photography I produce for you.

🔹 How your clients react to this marketing photography.

🔹 The quality of the products I choose to offer.

🔹 Anything else you would rather have.

🔹 Your ideas and your suggestions.

🔹 Yours and your staff safety while I produce the photography.

🔹 Solutions for your budget and meeting your deadlines.

🔹 A guarantee for all products.

🔹 The value you assign to my services and products.

🔹 The safety requirements to protect your clients.

🔹 Your experience from start to finish and, as part of that, the transparency of the process and a seamless online service and shopping experience, connecting your gallery directly to my professional Scottish printing lab for the highest quality in products with a lower carbon footprint, available any time, anywhere.

I care to make sure I deliver what you want by closely working with you to create the right message for your clients with emotionally engaging photographs, beautiful, natural or sophisticated and evocative.

... to other clients

Like me you believe that walls should be dressed and you believe in the power of photography.

You might want a lifestyle statement, a focal point for your reception room, something special with a creative difference and definitely unique, which will inevitably become part of your conversations; something that looks and feels expensive, integrates perfectly into and adds value to your sophisticated interior decorated with taste and style.


You might want to fill in the blank walls around your home with some of your favourite sceneries in Scotland.

You already have many of your own photographs on display, definitely your children but also some holiday photographs and landscapes you took and which you are very proud of, maybe alongside paintings and other art pieces you have collected over the years and which have taken a proud stance in your life.

Yet, you feel a void for stunning prints of the locations you love and the happy memories they bring to you, or simply locations you long to visit.

🔹 Whatever your motive and wherever you live, my growing range of high quality contemporary and traditional products, that will be available from 2018, will bring a solution for every blank wall around your home, from the entrance hall to the living room, passing by the bathroom, the kitchen and the staircase.

🔹 You will find the online purchase experience seamless, fast, so easy and fun. It will start with finding your favourite photographs which you will be able to do from a map or through the Scottish Landscapes galleries, whichever you prefer, and end with selecting and finishing the perfect product for you.

🔹 There will be some excellent value for money packages which will suggest ready made display layouts for your convenience and if you cannot find what you are looking for, product or photograph or package, then I will chase it for you.

🔹 Finally, there will be a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

Whatever you want, I can do so many wonderful things for you, like...

>>  Create a portfolio of bespoke, targeted photography, some special digital artistry and even products to dress your walls, enhance your business image, help increase your sales and inspire you, your staff and visitors alike. 

>>  Research and produce some original artwork or graphic design based on local photography, history and facts for you to display in your premises or to use in your marketing campaigns.

>>  Create beautiful albums, books, stunning seamless montages or beautiful photos, finished in a variety of styles.

>>  I can help you understand crucial website design points to improve its performance, visibility and your visitors' experience.

>>  I can advise you on the best use of your photography for your marketing.

>>  I can even refer you to other businesses who can help you with any non-photography matters.

However, if you have anything else in mind, do not hesitate asking me as I will be more than happy to tackle just about anything.

And if you are looking for a collaborative venture to help both our businesses grow, then I am game.

Now, if you are simply looking for ideas about website design and you would like a website like mine to present professionally and sell your own work, then send me your email and request and I will send you a link which you can then use to prospect your new subscription. Not only will you get a discount but it will and earn me referral credits as well. A win-win situation and a big thank you to you!

Thank You For Spreading the Word!

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