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WD0005 - Backlit Grass at Sunset, Traigh Golf Course, Arisaig, Highland, Scotland

August 2012 - It was getting late on my last day near Arisaig. The day had been fabulously hot and beautiful. Leaving was not easy. One last walk on the white sand beach and it was time to leave.

I decided to follow the B8008 which follows the road from Morar to Arisaig. One last drive along the white sands. The sun was getting low and a low layer of clouds had formed on the horizon, where the isles of Barra and South Uist are but the isles of Eigg and Rum were clear. The air was beautifully clear.

I passed a car park, at the North end of Traigh Golf Course and could not resist one more stop. It was low tide and the white sands were reflecting the sky colour. Between me and some rocks with a pool of sand was some grass and the one nearest to me was attractively backlit. It swayed gently in the light breeze and here it is, the moment paused forever.

This photograph has deep meanings for me. It reflects the connections unrelated elements can have despite distance; how one thing affects another and transforms it; how elements in life, no matter how clear or shaded, combine together to make the perfect picture, even when we might never see it; how something as unsignificant as this grass can be thrown into the limelight for a fleeting moment of glory, over and over again, at each sunset.

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