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WE0005 - Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland, Scotland

February 2013 - Once you cross the Skye bridge, Kyleakin stands on the left. It's a small community which enjoys wonderful views over the Kyle of Lochalsh. Kyleakin means the 'Strait of Haakon'. Haakon IV was King of Norway who, at the time, ruled the island. The King moored here on its way to the 1263 Battle of Largs which ended the Notwegians rule of the island.

Kyleakin has its own Legend of much older fortifications which had been built for a Norwegian princess known as 'Saucy Mary'. Saucy Mary charged a toll to any boat using the channel and to stop those which wouldn't pay from passing, she hung a chain from the castle to the mainland.

It is said that her remains have been buried on top of Beinn na Caillich, which means "mountain of the old woman". However, there are two local mountains with that name. One of them stands off the frame to the right while the other is South-west of the village of Broadford, a few miles West of Kyleakin, on the Isle of Skye. Local historians believe that the lattest is more likely as it faces better the land of her birth.

Stunning location.

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