Kyle of Lochalsh - Lightscape creations
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WE0002 - Morning Scenery of the Skye Bridge, Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland, Scotland

February 2013 - The scenery at this particular point is breathtaking and I stood there for a little while, absorbing the mountains, the water, the village, the cars passing over the bridge, the birds flying.

Suddenly, a boat came into sight under the bridge. It was very slow and gave me plenty of time to compose mentally my shot. I was not waiting for it to go under the bridge, that would have been hard to judge with the distance. However, I wanted it to be big enough to have its own impact while being roughly in the middle of the bridge.

It adds something else to the photograph, life and escapism, Whether a freight boat or not, it evoques travels.

Skye BridgeIsle of SkyeKyle of LochalshHighlandScotlandKyleakinSligachanFebruary2013WinterBoat