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WE0008 - Silhouette of Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland, Scotland

February 2013 - On the last day, it had been freezing over night and the roads were quite icy. I had to be back home in time for the evening and so decided to leave early, but not quickly. I had to get a shot of Eilean Donan Castle.

I passed Dornie Hall on my right and as I crossed the bridge, I realised that there would be a parking and a silhouette of the castle would be refreshing. I turned round and parked.

The sun was still lighting the other side of the castle and with the tide high and the high level of humidity in the air, I started to work the photograph I wanted and here it is.

I have always figured this photograph as a panorama and so did not need to have a foreground, even though there was a bought with flowers in it, or at least the flowers would come at a later date.

I enhanced the blue feel in the sky in post-capture. Everything was blue-ish and the grey of the sky did not seem to fit.

SilhouetteEilean Donan CastleDornieKyle of LochalshHighlandScotlandFebruary2013Winter