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EB0002 - "The Sound of Crashing Waves", The Faulds Golf Course Sea Front, Traill Drive, Montrose, Angus, Scotland

July 2009 - One of Montrose's assets has to be its sea front near the Faulds Golf Course. With Dunes, a long beach at low tide, and cliffs further away, it is not only a beautiful location but also a great place for everybody. There is even a play ground for children and loads of places to sit. It is also a paradise for the photographer...

Tide was coming in as I arrived while the sea wind was picking up, making the sea a little more agitated than I was used to. I stood there for a little while, watching the sea recede, baring part the lower flight of steps and the large gridded landing that joins it to the upper flight steps, coming back, each time with a different strength. I love the sound of waves breaking, which is what this photograph is all about, framed in the symmetry of the handrails. Although it is not possible to photograph a sound, the imagination takes over and fills the void.

Sound of Crashing WavesThe Faulds Golf CourseSea FrontTraill DriveMontroseAngusScotlandJuly2009SummerTideRoughen Sea