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CB0011 - "You Are Being Watched" in Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland

March 2016 - One thing that captivates me in Scotland is the wild life. You never know what you are going to see and how close they are going to get. Deers, foxes, stoats, wild cats, pheasants, partridges, buzzards and so on. I know, here it's a sheep and they are not wild, or are they? Well, in wild locations they effectively are and all is their territory, including roads.

I always find it amusing when I am out walking, scouting for photographs, that wild life can actually stop and watch me. Most of the time, they know I am here well before I know they are watching. I stop, they watch but I already can see they are getting nervous and ready to flee. If I don't move, they will remain there for as long as they sense no threat, that's when I can take photographs, with slow movements, my eyes peeled on any sign of distress.

Well, I know, sheep are more tolerant and sheep don't flee, they stroll away. I am not trying to get a merit having photographed that sheep watching me, just merely contemplating the many times I have seen wild animals in the glens and attempted to photograph them. It's not easy, believe me. Wildlife photographers have to resort to hiding tents, extra long lenses and long waits to get the stunning shots you see, which is a completely different situation than roaming the land. So, that day, it was the sheep and some deers I will publish a little later. Enjoy being watched!

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