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Purchase Questions & Answers

What kind of products do you sell?

Do you sign all your prints?

From the November 2017, my Scottish landscape work will be available for sale online as prints and walls products, i.e acrylics and alumini prints, and the more special signed wall products. Future products: mugs and coasters, calendars, cards, photography books, downloads and wall products larger than the current 30" x 20" size (75cm by 50cm).

Framed prints are also available offline and details are available in the PRODUCTS AND PRODUCT PURCHASE PROCESS page.

If you require a different product, such as an Edge Print, a Print Wrap, a Frame Box, even the popular canvas, or if you require a different size or simply something completely bespoke, then click on the "Bespoke Product Enquiries..." or "Contact Isabelle" buttons on the relevant page or email me at   ISABELLEMCINALLY@LIGHTSCAPECREATIONS.COM.

My largest online prints, 30" x 20" (75cm x 50cm) and 30" x 15" (75cm x 37.5cm), are signed "Isabelle McInally", the artist. It is an integral part of the creative process which declares the piece of art to be officially finished and ready to be exhibited in public. No work of art is complete without one and I like to look at my work as work of art, having spend a considerable amount of time to capture and finish each print. It also turns the prints into a collectable item which, I hope, will gain value over time.

My signature is added to your prints at the time of printing and will appear on your order as the "printmark", which is made visible to you when you enlarge a product in the shopping cart.

The other sizes only bear the traditional location, name of artist and a business reference.

Do you do Digital Downloads?

Will the watermark be printed?

Downloads are scheduled as a future product.

The watermark you see on the screen will not be printed.

What type of payments do you accept?

You can make your purchase via paypal or via the normal checkout which will take payments with Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Local people have the additional option to pay by cheque, if preferred, or cash. If paying by cheque, it must be cleared before the order is sent for processing. Chasing payments would only raise the costs of my products and services to the detriment of everyone, to cover for time and money lost.

The Cart says "approximate price". Why?

I would like to purchase some prints in a different currency. Is this possible?

Although my prices are in pound sterling, Smugmug, as my website provider, handles the entire purchase process and all customer support including delivery and after-sales.  As an American company, they operate in American dollars.

So, when you see in your cart the warning “price approximate”, it means that the price shown is  based on a conversion at the day rate and accurate at the time. 

If you purchase straight away, there should be no variation in prices.  If you delay, SLIGHT VARIATIONS may occur.

If you wish to purchase prints in a different currency, I can set a special pricelist for you in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar, Sweddish Krona or Hong Kong Dollar.

Please, email ISABELLEMCINALLY@LIGHTSCAPECREATIONS.COM, giving the reference of the landscapes you are interested in and the currency of your choice.

Allow up to 48 hours for a new gallery to be created for you. A confirmation email will be sent to you along with a link to the gallery.

Do you have a guarantee for the products you sell online?

Do you have a guarantee for the products purchased directly with you, not online?

My website is powered by Smugmug and they handle the entire online purchase process. If you need any help ordering, the very friendly and efficient Smugmug Customer Service is here to help you. Please, email them at HELP@SMUGMUG.COM. Email support is available 24/365.

From the gallery, simply select the photograph(s) you wish to print, including product and size. Once you go to the cart, you will be able to finalise your order by modifying the product, adjust the cropping, add products for the same image or simply “remove” a product by deleting it.

Once you have ordered online, if you realise you have made a mistake in your order, you should email Smugmug Customer Support as soon as possible so they can try to cancel and replace the order before it is being processed. Remember to include the order number to speed action.

All products are printed here in Scotland by an award-winning professional printing lab.  They have been established for over 30 years and built their high reputation by using the highest quality award-winning products.

Prints purchased online come with a 100% print guarantee, no matter what, including orders lost or damaged in transit.

If you are ever unhappy with the prints you have ordered, they will be reprinted or the order refunded, whichever you prefer. You should email Smugmug Customer Support within 30 days of receiving the order and include the order number so that they can help you out and ensure that you are thrilled.

Of course.  All orders are taken in writing by email to ensure no mistakes are made. Once I receive your order, I will wait two days before I place it. This is to allow you for any second thought and adjustments you may wish to bring because once your order has been placed with the lab, it might not be possible to modify it as printing is usually processed straight away.

Should you need to make any adjustment, please email me straight away, even on the third day, so that I can check and try to cancel and replace the order before it is being processed. Use my email address ISABELLEMCINALLY@LIGHTSCAPECREATIONS.COM to forward your email order and include the order number, if I have already given you one, to speed action.

All products are printed here in Scotland by an award winning professional printing lab.  They have been established for over 30 years and built their high reputation by using the highest quality award winning products.

Orders placed directly with me come with a 100% print guarantee and can be either collected or sent straight from the printer to you.

As soon as you receive your products, check them and, if you are ever unhappy with the order, they will be reprinted or refunded, whichever you prefer. Email ISABELLEMCINALLY@LIGHTSCAPECREATIONS.COM your order number along with the reason why you are unhappy and your chosen course of action. Either way, you must return the products to me in their original packaging, insured for the full value and at your own cost.

Do you undertake commision work?

Free work / photographs

I do and you can get a quote by emailing me details of your requirements at ISABELLEMCINALLY@LIGHTSCAPECREATIONS.COM for discussion and agreement on price and timescale.

Once agreed, I require a non-refundable deposit in order to cover my expenses. The amount will be notified at time of agreement and must be paid by cheque, payable to Isabelle McInally, prior to the work starting.

Following the shoot, the photographs are displayed in a gallery for your perusal.  The chosen photographs are then made available as a high resolution digital download of the whole gallery with the quoted price, minus the deposit, as the fee to be paid. If you wish, I can add the possibility of purchasing products of your choice, as well as the downloads.

Unless you are a registered charity and can prove it, I am highly unlikely to consider any request for free work or free photographs in exchange of exposure and fame, even when it comes with highly attractive perks such as flexible hours. Would you?

So, please, do not offend me by requesting my work or my photographs for free. Free does not pay the bills and does not put the food in my family's plates.

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