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Large businesses have always believed and invested in the power of photographs within the workplace while for smaller businesses it tends to be a decision based on costs and the perception it is not necessary.

I have seen so many businesses resorting to selling paintings made by local artists as a solution to decorate their blank walls. However, these paintings rarely represent the local area and if they do, it is a detail unlikely to be recognised by the clients, unless, maybe, they are local. In addition, such paintings realistically can only be displayed in public areas and so are not a to be mistaken as the perfect solution.

I have also seen many businesses displaying their own photographs on their websites and in public rooms. I call this a brave move as unless the owners are good enough a photographer and their photography does look professional, there is a great chance that it will impact negatively their business.

You must have heard the way people judge how clean a restaurant's kitchen is? Some check how well the outside is maintained, kerb entrance and the courtyard at the back; others look at how clean the bathroom is; for the rest, they will look at the overall cleanliness of the dining room and table dressing. Why? Because programs like Ramsay's Kitchens Nightmare and The Hotel Inspector have empowered people with what to look for. It is the same with photography. People are a lot more knowledgeable these days and the photography you display to your clients tells them how professional you are and how caring your service is.

This is where my Scottish Landscapes come in.

I love Scotland, not just its beautiful landscapes but the way they have been shaped and transformed over time by people, animals and the weather. I have lived in Scotland for over 30 years and the more I discover about Scotland the more I find it truly and deeply unique. Every year, millions of people visit it and, in the process, some will use your business.

You have a unique opportunity to become an ambassador for your country while enhancing your business image and your clients' experience by promoting Scotland in the public areas of your business and, if you are a hotel or a holiday rental business, in the rented premisses as well.

If your premises are private, then you have the opportunity to fill in the blank walls with photographs that will inspire and stimulate your staff and you will show them that you care about their working environment. Choosing photographs is a personal process and you will show yourself more open as well.

Over the years, I have gathered a selection of photographs which are displayed here. They can be printed on Acrylic or on an Aluminium sheet, for the modern interiors, or as a traditional print with the contemporary Oxford frame, with or without mounts and with plexiglass.

Should you wish something different, there is a large selection of frames to choose from and should you prefer to frame them yourself, then you can buy the print only.

I do bulk discounts and if you cannot find the photographs you want online, I can capture them for you.

Alumini Prints

Acrylic Prints

Traditional Oxford Frame

Choose your destination below and discover the stunning Scottish landscapes.  They are the soul and breath of the country, the inner pride of every Scots and my loving eye on the country, here for you to discover and enjoy anew or again.




From the November 2017, there will be a good selection of blank walls solutions from my Scottish landscapes, acrylic and alumini prints and some carefully chosen keepsakes, available to purchase here online for your convenience.

In addition, businesses will be able to purchase, offline, traditionally framed prints meeting their safety requirements, cards and calendars.

I am really proud that my Scottish landscapes are professionally printed here in Scotland on impressive, award-winning products by a professional printer who is honoured by some of the most noted organisations in the photography industry. Their dedication and excellent customer service is re-inforced by a 100% product satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for a statement product, as a focal point, then the signed 30" x 20" (75cm x 50cm) and the 30" x 15" (75cm x 37.5cm) acrylic and alumini prints are simply dazzling.

I hope my Scottish Landscapes will help you find your way back to yourself, bring this stunning country back into your lives and inspire you to inspire others.

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